Corporate Registration



  1. A Corporate Registration is a bulk purchase of a MINIMUM of 25 tickets.
  2. Tickets will be charged at the prevailing 5k rate at the time of booking and will be applicable for ALL Race Category types (10k, 5k Timed, 5k Fun Run).
  3. Tickets can be purchased online directly via this registration portal, or an Invoice Payment Request can be sent to the Event Organiser.
  4. Upon successful payment, the Person In Charge will be sent the equivalent number of Promo Codes for distribution to Individual Participants.
  5. Individual Participants who have received a Promo Code must then complete an Individual Registration, selecting from their desired Race Category. Rock Star upgrades and any other add-ons will be charged to the individual accordingly.

Company Information

eg: +60-12345678

Person In Charge Details

eg: +60-12345678

Number of Tickets

Current Price : RM95.00